About EcoBoost

Better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. All without sacrificing power and performance. That's what you get with the state-of-the-art technology behind EcoBoost™.

EcoBoost™ uses direct injection to produce a cooler, denser charge that generates more power per every drop of fuel, while the air-to-air intercooled turbocharger design spools up much more quickly than a single large turbo. EcoBoost™ delivers instant low-end torque and virtually no turbo lag.

The best part? It also happens to be better for the environment.

EcoBoost™ Vehicles - Better Fuel Economy. More Power.

Fuel Efficiency

A key contributor to EcoBoost™ fuel efficiency is direct injection of gasoline. It delivers a fine mist of fuel directly into each cylinder for optimal performance and emissions. Unlike port-fuel-injection (PFI) engines that spray in the intake system, the direct-injection system puts the fuel exactly where it needs to be for combustion.


EcoBoost™ is fundamental to Ford's objective to provide the horsepower and torque of larger, normally aspirated engines while delivering the fuel efficiency of a smaller engine. Thanks to various tweaks, like cranked-up boost in the turbochargers, maximum torque is achieved. Better yet, 90% of the maximum torque can be reached at any RPM level, unlike other engines which require higher RPMs to attain higher torque.







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