2021 summer road trip checklist for your Ford

Get ready for a summer on the road, Alberta! With restrictions easing up across the country, many of us are itching to get going and seeing what our beautiful province and nation has to offer. Here’s a checklist to get your Ford vehicle prepped for the adventures ahead. But first, let’s take a look at some of Ford’s most popular vehicles for the long drive.

The top Ford models for your summer road trip

Ford is designed and manufactured in North America, so it’s built for North American roads. Ultimately, every Ford model can handle a road trip, and it all depends on what your family needs. The good news is, there’s a Ford vehicle that can match exactly what you’re looking for.

For all-terrain and ultimate towing capacity

Ford F150 – Ford’s #1 selling vehicle comes in seven models and six engines to choose from, including an EcoBoost for improved fuel efficiency. These are powerful vehicles to haul your trailer, boat, or extra cargo space for your road trip. What’s great about the Ford F150 is that it is durable, reliable, and stands the test of time. Some of Ford F150’s best years include 2018, 2014, and even dating back to 1993. There are older used Ford F150s on the road in Calgary that still run smoothly with a heavy-duty body that can handle all elements.

For fuel efficiency

  • The Ford EcoSport – This compact SUV has Auto Start-Stop Technology to reduce emissions and excellent fuel economy to minimize pitstops.
  • The Ford Fusion – The hybrid model offers 75kms per gallon on both city streets and the highway. The EasyFuel capless fuel filler system comes standard on all models, which means you won’t need to twist or click the cap open and closed.

For comfort and plenty of cargo space

Ford Explorer This model is available in two trims, the Ford Explorer ST with a powerful 400HP engine and the Explorer Hybrid that offers an impressive 800km before needing a fill-up.

Prepping your Ford vehicle for a trip

First on the list is to schedule a routine service appointment before you hit the road. Be sure to get:

  • An oil and filter change
  • Tire inspection, including tire pressure
  • Wheel balance and alignment, if needed
  • Fluid top-ups where necessary
  • Exterior inspection
  • Battery check and replacement, if necessary
  • Brake system inspection
  • Suspension check
  • Inspection and repair of any leaks or loose wiring

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After your routine service, here’s a checklist to make the trip smooth and comfortable:

  • Connect your mobile devices to Ford’s infotainment system (on new models)
  • If you have the optional navigation assistance and touchscreen with your infotainment centre, enter your planned pit stops
  • Add rear-seat entertainment for your passengers in the back (great for families with children)
  • Pack some books, handheld games, drinks, and snacks
  • Purchase one of Ford’s cargo organization systems, including under-seat organizers and folding trunk organizers
  • Pack a roadside assistance kit (ask your local Ford dealership for one that includes everything you need, including jumper cables, survival blanket, assorted tools, and a first aid kit, all packed conveniently packed in a Ford carrying case)

And of course – drive safe and have fun!