5 locations to take your Ford truck off-roading in Alberta

Alberta is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise! An hour’s drive west towards the Rocky Mountains or south towards Waterton will give you endless opportunities for hiking, off-roading, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATVing, camping, and more. Whether you own a brand new or used Ford truck in Calgary, these 4WD vehicles are built for rough terrain. Here are some amazing off-roading adventures in Alberta to explore this summer.

1. Lost Knife Trail

Located north of Waiparous Village, Lost Knife Trail is rated as moderately difficult and ideal for beginners wanting to test out their off-road skills. This trail covers about 20km and is easy to follow. Expect to kick up a lot of dust in dry weather and power through some mud in wet conditions.

2. Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls offers several trails, mud pits, about 20 river crossings, and some intense rocky terrain. This off-road destination is located in Yellowhead County, about four hours from Calgary and is intended for powerful trucks like the Ford F150. Be sure to plan a full day to take in the sights, the beautiful falls, and set up camp or book accommodations in Jasper.

3. McLean Creek

One of the most popular off-road locations in Alberta, McLean Creek is home to the Top of the World trail. Expect a steep climb a drop that will make your heart pound. The Top of the World trail is relatively short but offers some of the best off-road experiences in the province. Located just 1 hour from Calgary in Kananaskis, Alberta.

4. Lille Ghost Town

Lille is located in the Crowsnest Pass region of southwestern Alberta and was a coal mining town between 1901 and 1912. Today, it’s a ghost town that features the ruins of the Belgian coke ovens and remnants of the past. The Lille Mines and Townsite heritage trail follows the original wagon road and is a rocky off-road trail with a hairpin turn. Visitors enjoy the diverse drive up the Gold Creek valley, Morin Creek crossing, and open meadows.

5. Kakwa Falls Trail

To access Kakwa Falls, a 4WD vehicle is required. Kakwa Wildland Park is located southwest of Grand Prairie, about a 7-hour drive from Calgary. The weekend trip and trek up the moderately difficult trail are worth the breathtaking view of the magnificent waterfall.