Advantage Ford: Calgary’s Premier Dealership for Ford Parts and Services

Does your vehicle require maintenance or servicing? Do you need parts in order to keep your car, SUV, or pickup fully operational? If so, we here at Advantage Ford in Calgary have got your back. With a wide range of resources and solutions, you can rest easy knowing Advantage Ford is capable of meeting your automotive needs.

We offer the Ford services that our customers and clients have come to trust. As such, we invite you to continue reading to uncover the Ford parts and maintenance services we offer to help keep your vehicle on the road. 

Ford Parts and Services in Calgary

Ford Parts in Calgary

When you visit Advantage Ford for your parts and accessory needs, you’ll be assisted by our team of seasoned specialists who can both answer your questions and find what you’re looking for. 

Additionally, our large inventory is sure to house what you need. This means you’ll get your desired parts quickly and at an affordable price. 

To learn more, simply fill out our Parts Department online form. Moreover, you can also speak to one of our team members by calling 403-225-3640

Ford Services in Calgary

At our full-service centre, Advantage Ford offers maintenance and repair services at your convenience. Need an oil change? No problem. Require a new battery or spark plugs? Sure thing. Coming in for a regular checkup? No worries. 

Whatever the job, you’ll be taken care of at our service centre. Why? Because our meticulous mechanics are trained and qualified to ensure your vehicle gets back on the road in prime condition. 

So if you’d like to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us today with your questions and maintenance needs. 

Here is a list of additional Advantage Ford services: 

Auto Body Services

At Advantage Ford, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality automotive services. And this includes, but is by no means limited to, auto body services. We can fix it all from trivial fender benders to total wrecks – and everything in between. 

We operate in a modern property outfitted with the amenities, tools, and skilled workforce to ensure your automotive needs are met and exceeded. Furthermore, we utilize up-to-the-minute technology for evaluating damage and restoring your vehicle to full capacity.  

Tire Centre

With the Tire Centre, we have your best interest and safety in mind. For this reason, we will provide you with the tires you’ll require for each season and each occasion, so that you can feel comfortable regardless of the climate, and perform regardless of circumstance. Additionally, we offer to store your tires for up to six months.

1. Winter Tires

Do you need winter tires that can grip ice, power through snow, and stabilize your vehicle? Being in Canada, the answer to that question is pretty obvious. In our Tire Centre, we will outfit your car with the tires you need to stick it to Old Man Winter.  

2. Performance Tires

Performance tires were produced for more handling power, stronger traction, and better braking in wet weather conditions. Additionally, they offer distinct patterns, assembly attributes, and a flexible combination of materials that bolster both preciseness and receptivity. 

3. All-Season Tires

Your all-seasons provide you with versatility. With certain dry, wet, and slightly snow-coated roads, you will regain traction. Punctuated grooves within the tread pattern will spread water to enhance gripping abilities. 

To find the perfect tires for your vehicle, be sure to take advantage of our online tire centre tool


Want to go the extra mile for your vehicle? Looking to outfit it with some stylish and high-toned add-ons? This is where the utility of accessories can be of value. And here at Advantage Ford, we have a myriad of accessories that you, as well as the whole family, will be sure to love. 

1. Bed Tents

Enjoy camping and being in the great outdoors? Then Ford’s bed tent is a must for you! You can comfortably sleep in the bed of your truck with this condensed, feathery tent. 

2. Bed Cover

Protect your precious tools, materials and other possessions with this user-friendly, easy-to-install bed cover. Once properly positioned and secured, you can rest in the reassuring knowledge that your valuables are properly protected. 

3. Roof Racks

Optimize your vehicle’s space with this useful commodity. A roof rack will save you even more of the already limited space in your vehicle. You can strap items such as sleeping bags, backpacks, certain tools and more on top. 

Additional accessories include:

  • Cargo organizers
  • Bike racks and carriers
  • Splash guards
  • Trailer hitches
  • Bed extenders

Be sure to visit us online to learn more about our accessories, in addition to other special deals and offers. 

Order a Part

Advantage Ford offers a multitude of parts to ensure your vehicle remains fully operational. We offer warranties, as well as parts for both performance and quality all at an economical price. 

Ensure that you look into our:

  • Ford protection plan
  • Ford parts warranty
  • Brake and filter replacements
  • Oil changes

Regardless of what your needs happen to be, you can bet that will be met to your satisfaction at Advantage Ford. Order a part to optimize your vehicle today.

Why Choose Advantage Ford in Calgary?

We have been serving southern Alberta for more than 25 years. As such, we have developed a reputation for being one of the premier car dealerships around. We have cultivated a strong performance history. And now, we’re proud and excited to continue the success of that track record with you. 

Get in contact with us today with your questions or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.