Battle Of Alberta – Congratulations to Sherwood Ford & Hope Mission!

As you may well know, Advantage Ford and Sherwood Ford made a friendly wager for the Oilers / Flames game that took place on December 9th.  Unfortunately, our beloved Flames weren’t as on fire as they could have been and after a long battle that ended so close, we donated to Sherwood Fords charity of choice – Hope Mission.  A wonderful charity, based in Edmonton!



December 5th, 2018

EDMONTON, Alberta: As a whole, hockey is a game that has a way of connecting all Canadians, from ponds to rinks to large arenas across the country. It also has a way of developing deep-seeded rivalries, as seen whenever the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames square off in the Battle of Alberta. Ahead of the Oilers-Flames game on December 9, Edmonton dealership Sherwood Ford and Calgary dealership Advantage Ford are placing a friendly wager on the game’s outcome.

The parameters of this wager are simple; if Calgary wins, Sherwood Ford will donate to Advantage Ford’s charity of choice – the Salvation Army, a charitable organization that provides education and relief for those who are less fortunate.

If Edmonton wins, Advantage Ford will donate to Sherwood Ford’s charity of choice – Hope Mission, a non-profit social care agency with numerous locations throughout Alberta. Since its founding in 1929, Hope Mission has developed from a soup kitchen in the midst of the Great Depression to a source of light and positivity for countless Edmontonians and residents of the entire province of Alberta.