The Benefits of a Ford Extended Car Service Plan

When exploring the amenities that are offered with the purchase of a new car, many people opt to research extensively about servicing and servicing packages. We all know that getting your car regularly serviced is integral to the upkeep of the vehicle. Nonetheless, servicing and maintenance can be pricey, especially after your warranty runs out. That is why Ford offers the Ford Protect Extended Service Plan. The Ford Protect plan can cover anything and everything from a Ford oil change to 24hr roadside assistance. 

Ford offers 6 different packages through its Ford Protect plan. These include the: Powertrain CARE, Base CARE, Extra CARE, Diesel CARE, Premium CARE,  and Premium CARE Plus packages. Each package has a variety of benefits that can offer you the peace of mind on vehicle maintenance you desire. Learn more about each of these packages below. 

What is Ford Protect Powertrain CARE?

Ford’s Powertrain CARE protection plan offers 29 critical engine and transmission coverage components. Major engine components such as gaskets, seals and internal engine parts are covered under this protection plan. The Powertrain CARE package can save buyers $4,000-$6,000 on engine and transmission services. 

What is Ford Protect Base CARE?

The Base CARE plan covers 84 components on key vehicle systems that affect the vehicle’s driveability. This valuable protection plan covers all components that the Powertrain CARE covers plus additional care for select brake, steering, air conditioning and electrical components.

What is Ford Protect Extra CARE?

The Extra CARE package from Ford includes the 84 key components from the Ford Protect Base CARE package, plus an additional 29 high tech components such as cruise control and the instrument cluster. The 113 components in this package are extensive and comprehensive and will leave you feeling secure. 

What is Ford Protect Diesel CARE?

The Ford Diesel CARE package extends your diesel vehicle warranty for up to 7 years. The plan includes the coverage of engine components and offers you amenities such as roadside assistance, rental vehicle benefits and choice of deductible. 

What is Ford Protect Premium CARE?

With over 1000 covered components, this extensive plan will give you peace-of-mind and security. The Premium CARE package covers the engine, transmission, steering, brakes, front and rear-wheel drive axle, front and rear suspension, electrical, air conditioning, heating, tech and safety coverage. You can feel confident knowing that both parts and labour are covered under this comprehensive protection plan. Plus enjoy amenities such as roadside assistance, rental vehicle benefits and choice of deductible. 

What is Ford Protect Premium CARE plus?

The Ford Protect Premium CARE plus package includes all of the components and benefits of the Premium CARE package with no deductibles, lighting coverage for all vehicle bulbs and first-day rental vehicle benefits for up to $75 per day for up to ten days. 

“Protect your vehicle and your budget with Ford Extended Service Maintenance Plans”