Why Canadians Have Made the Ford F-Series the Best Selling Truck in the Country for 50+ years

Ford has done it again; the juggernaut motor company has been ranked as Canada’s best-selling automobile manufacturer for the 11th consecutive year. An astonishing feat to say the least. However, the company’s accolades don’t stop there, because Ford’s number one pickup truck (the F-series) has been rated as the top-selling truck in all of Canada for 55 uninterrupted years!

Furthermore, this automobile manufacturing behemoth has continually led the way in innovation, durability, and sound resilience in the automotive industry. And the company’s track record certainly validates this reputation. For 55 years in a row, Canadians have chosen the F-series pickup as their truck of choice. And as a result, Ford remains one of the premier brands representing commercial vehicles in the country.

Highlights for 2020

Here are some highlights from the 2020 fiscal year:

  • Ford has remained Canada’s best-selling auto brand for 12 successive years
  • Ford has remained Canada’s best-selling automaker for 5 successive years
  • Ford F-series remains Canada’s best-selling for 55 successive years
  • Ford F-series is Canada’s best-selling vehicle for 11 successive years
  • Sales of Ford F-series Super Duty have gone up 9%
  • Sales of Ford Explorer have gone up 68%
  • Sales of Ford Ranger have gone up 64%
  • The best selling lineup of commercial vehicles in the country goes to Ford
  • FSales of Ford Transit Connect have gone up 8%


  • Lincoln sales are up 17%
  • Lincoln Navigator sales are up 37%
  • Lincoln Aviator; over 570 models sold

With the best year ever recorded for sales of the Transit Connect and Ford Transit Van behind it, Ford continues to live up to its progressive ideals as well as its commitment to excellence. Additionally, 2019 saw a surge in sales for the Lincoln as well. In the latter half of the year, there was a 17% increase in the Lincoln models. Among them were the Lincoln Navigator, the Lincoln Aviator, as well as the Lincoln Nautilus.

How 2021 is Unfolding

All throughout 2021, and now encroaching on the latter half of the year, Ford has continued to grow, expand, and dominate the industry. This has been exemplified in several of their models. First, there is the Mustang Mach-E, which Car and Driver magazine rated as the “Electric Vehicle of the Year”. Moreover, it also ranked No. 2 in sales in regards to all-electric SUVs in the country.

Second, the illustrious F-150 Lightning, an electric model of the most sought after and in-demand vehicle in America for over 40 years! This monster on wheels has produced over 120,000 advanced bookings since being unveiled back in May. And nearly 75% of them are brand new Ford customers.

Third, the budding Maverick is also showing promise for the remainder of 2021. A small pickup with a 5-passenger capacity, the Maverick has an earmarked EPA-approximation ranking of 40 miles a gallon within the city. Furthermore, it has a starting cost of $20,000.

And finally; the Ford Pro. Adding streamlined, easy, and effortless electric vehicle charging, the Ford Pro is showing potential and is certain to help finish 2021 strong!

These as well as many other models have shaped 2021 for Ford and helped to make it another successful year for the automotive giant. And it certainly seems as though that momentum is going to continue to close out this year while heading into the next.