Developing an effective truck maintenance schedule 

There are a variety of parts in your truck that need frequent maintenance and having knowledge of those parts and how often they need to be checked can save you money and time. Some of these maintenance checks can be performed by you, right at home on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis! While others will require servicing from your dealer. By determining a maintenance schedule, you can: keep track of when you should be checking up on your truck, book your truck’s servicing in advance, and stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance. Here are our best tips for maintaining your truck.

What you should do on a monthly basis: 

Check your taillights and headlights

Burnt out taillights and headlights are something that can go unnoticed if they are not checked on regularly. We suggest checking on these lighting systems every four weeks. Ensuring that your lights are functioning properly will keep you and other drivers safe. 

Check your tire pressure

Living in Calgary with weather conditions that change frequently can cause tire pressure fluctuation. It is a good practice to check your tire pressure regularly and keep them topped up with air, especially in the winter months. 

Top up your windshield washer fluid 

The roads out there right now are slushy, and when they’re not slushy, they’re sandy or dusty. If you top up your windshield washer fluid on a monthly basis you won’t be caught on the highway without it! Set a day once a month and top up your fluids.

Check your oil level

If you do a lot of driving it is a good idea to keep a monthly eye on your oil level. This is easily measured with your vehicle’s dipstick and only takes a minute to do. Driving a vehicle that’s low on oil can potentially lead to costly, long term damage.

What you should do every 3-6 months:  

Get an oil change 

Getting a regular oil change on your truck is extremely important. Our team at Advantage Ford in Calgary would be happy to provide this service for you. 

Do a battery check 

Did you leave those lights on accidentally? It doesn’t hurt to check the health of your truck battery every few months. There’s nothing worse than having to boost your vehicle on a cold winter day!

Change your seasonal tires 

Please do not leave your winter tires on your vehicle all year long. Instead, bring your truck in for tire service and we will happily switch your tires over to the appropriate seasonal set. 

What you should do once a year: 

Rotate your tires 

This can be done once a year or every time your switch your tires over. It’s good practice to maintain an even tread on each of your tires. 

Change air filters 

When you bring your truck in for servicing, mention that you want your air filters changed and we will be happy to replace your dirty ones with new ones. 

Replace windshield wipers if needed 

Are your windshield wipers bent or not functioning properly? Replace them! Getting a new pair is relatively cost-effective and easy to install! 

Learn more about our Ford maintenance services in Calgary by contacting us today!