Ford Functionality | The Services You NEED to Keep Your Vehicle Operational

With spring just around the corner, it’s about that time of year for your vehicle’s seasonal servicing. As such, our factory-trained technicians can get the job done quickly and efficiently. So come pay us a visit at your local Ford service in Calgary to get your vehicle the proper tuning it needs to continue running smoothly. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the services provided by Advantage Ford, keep reading. Because in this post, we’re sharing the numerous resources and solutions we offer to meet your vehicle service needs. 

Advantage Ford Service Department

Our expert technicians in our service department can promptly answer your questions and efficiently service your vehicle. Our team offers a Vehicle Report Card in an effort to educate you on your vehicle’s health via an 83-point inspection. 

Learn what’s in proper working order, what may need attention in the future, and what – if any – prompt measures should be taken to ensure your vehicle’s functionality in the future. 

Ford Parts and Services in SE Calgary

Advantage Ford offers a myriad of parts and services to ensure the operation of your vehicle. View the list below to see what services are available, and which ones are most appropriate for your current vehicle needs.

Full Brake Service

Ensure your vehicle retains its smooth braking capabilities, silent functionality, and long-lasting performance with our full brake services. Your vehicle will save time in the shop, and you will save money in the bank if a full brake service is performed early and promptly. 

Full-Service Suspension

Do you value a snug and comfortable driving experience? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t? Advantage Ford’s full suspension services ensure your vehicle can optimally absorb the crevices, cracks, and clefts on the rugged roads, which will result in a smooth ride. 

Wheel Alignment – Two and Four Wheel

Longer-lasting tires, smoother driving, less vehicle energy exertion (which can save you money when refuelling), are just a few of the many benefits of wheel alignment servicing. Whether it’s a two or four-wheel alignment, be sure to take advantage of this service to give your vehicle more durability and a longer lifespan. 

Wheel/Tire Installations

Get your wheels/tires professionally installed by our highly trained team of vehicle technicians. Feel comfortable in the knowledge that your car’s wheel and tire needs have been meticulously met by skillful specialists. We ensure that each tire is of high-grade quality and has the proper pressure for the road, including your spare.

Vehicle Detailing

Experience the pristine appearance of a well-kept vehicle; see your spotless interior gleam with cleanliness and feel the sense of pride with a polished exterior.

Full Hand Wash Service

The more conventional method of cleaning a car is often still the most effective. Our full hand washing service is a complete car wash offered by professionals and done with care, which means a thorough and detailed clean.

Engine Mechanical Diagnostic and Repair

When an early engine diagnostic procedure is performed, minor problems can be found and repaired before they become big issues, which of course, will save you both time and money in the long run. If minor issues are ignored, they can eventually lead to costly repairs.

Accessory Installations

If vehicle accessories are not properly installed – whether it’s a roof rack, custom wheels, chrome trim, body kits, or anything else – it can cause problems that can be a pain to fix. Save yourself the trouble and hire the experts! We will install your vehicle accessories on your behalf properly and efficiently. 

Ford Remote Starter Installs

The Ford remote starter permits you to start and warm your engine prior to getting in your vehicle and driving off. And of course, with the frigid winters we get here in Calgary, Alberta, this accessory is a saving grace.

Ford Phone App Installs

The Ford Phone app allows you to control certain variations of Ford vehicles armed with integrated hardware within your smartphone device. This provides many benefits, including:

  • Finding your vehicle 
  • Starting it remotely
  • Locate charging stations nearby 
  • Remotely lock or unlock your vehicle 

Performance Equipment Installations

We perform a thorough evaluation (and installation) of your vehicle’s performance equipment to ensure everything is running optimally. Our detailed analysis covers all the touchpoints and components to ensure your Ford is in the proper working condition. 

Oil Changes

To enhance the quality, longevity, and efficiency of your engine, routine oil changes are crucial. Oil changes help to increase your engine’s efficiency and strengthen its performance, which contributes to the optimization of your vehicle’s overall performance as well. The engine oil level is a common check for Ford vehicles to ensure safety and longevity. 

Final Thoughts

At Advantage Ford, we want you to be both safe and comfortable in your Ford vehicle. For this reason, we make it our mission to implement the best practices for vehicle maintenance to meet and exceed your expectations. 

If you’d like to learn more, book an appointment with one of our specialists today at our SE Calgary location.