Fordpass Smart Phone App for Ford Owners

It’s official. My old ‘dumb’ car is no longer good enough. Setting aside its seemingly constant need for repairs, sagging upholstery, and fading clear coat, and what really grinds my gears is that it lacks smart connectivity features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Sure, you could argue that a vehicle’s purpose is simply to get you from A to B, but after spending the weekend experiencing the latest in-vehicle tech via a 2020 Ford Puma with all of its technological bells and whistles (FordPass app included), I’ve come to realize these futuristic updates are much more than just an unnecessary luxury. They are integral components without which even short drives would be tedious affairs filled with frustration.

FordPass is the all-inclusive app for your Ford vehicle. Keeping tabs on oil life, fuel level, approximate mileage, and maintenance intervals has never been easier with the Vehicle tab on the FordPass home screen.

You can start/stop your vehicle right from the app without having to go back and forth to the car. This is not fun if you’re already running late in the morning or in the winter when it’s -30C out!

The FordPass app is a one-stop-shop for your vehicle needs

Before you can start using this feature, make sure to enable the vehicle’s infotainment settings and launch the FordPass mobile application on your device. Once that’s done, linking with other devices will be seamless!

FordPass is here to make your life easier

It’s simple. With a few taps, you can add your vehicle – all it takes is scanning or typing in your VIN number followed by selecting Activate Vehicle. Plus, if you’re having trouble activating your account you can call (800) 392-3673 to get help any time of the day.

FordPass Connect is a 4G LTE in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot

The WiFi connection allows you to get signals up to 50 feet outside of your vehicle. With this service, Ford owners and passengers have access to ten devices at once. You’ll also be able to monitor data usage with FordPass while on the go.

FordPass is efficient and reliable

It’s never been easier to access and keep track of all your service records and maintenance schedule. FordPass helps you book appointments with preferred dealers, so servicing is always a breeze. Now that scheduling has been simplified, it’s also easy to check fuel level at any point in time (no more guessing!) and tire pressure all before heading out into traffic.

FordPass is taking the F-150 to the next level

FordPass is a new way to control and interact with your truck. With the FordPass app, you can now turn on Zone Lighting, use Pro Power Onboard features like remote start or engine block heater, and find out how much fuel capacity there is for long drives – all from anywhere in North America!

FordPass Rewards is here to make your Ford ownership experience better

As a member, you’ll earn points for service or purchases at participating dealerships and other rewards that will be announced soon. Ford has come up with an innovative way of rewarding their loyal customers with a new program called “FordPass Rewards“. With this membership system in place, members can enjoy great offers on services as well as points when they spend money on any purchase made by contacting local dealers or some online stores.

Send remote commands to your vehicle with FordPass Connect

All you need is an app or a text-to-speech function in order for it to work properly. Simply open the app and hold down the on-screen button for a few seconds. You can turn the car’s engine or select systems on regardless of distance!

For example: If you’re in the office parking lot and want to preheat your car before heading out into winter weather, all you have to do is press one button from anywhere with Internet service. It may sound simple, but it really does feel like magic when that warm air starts blowing through automatically without you having to reach for your keys.

FordPass has ruined me. I can no longer drive a vehicle without. With all FordPass can do, there is no surprise to hear all the great reviews on this new technology. I was shocked when I used it for the first time and now have a new standard in what I will accept for technology accessibility.