Guide to buying used commercial vehicles for your business

When you want to get your commercial vehicle, you will want to make sure you do your homework. The right vehicle for your business means you need to do the right research and give the right amount of time and attention during your search. There are a lot of used Ford trucks that are a good fit for your commercial vehicle, but not all used Ford vehicles in Calgary will make the cut for what you might need or want.

There are a lot of trades in Alberta and most of these trades understand the value of owning a commercial truck. Not only are they a write-off for taxes but the gas you use in these vehicles can be a write-off with CRA… especially if you can provide gas receipts, dates, where you are coming from and to as well as track the exact kilometres driven. The advantage of this is you can definitely mix some business and pleasure and still reap the benefits of a write-off… such as you and a co-worker going for a drive to Tim’s to purchase some coffee and donuts for the crew.

Commercial Vehicle

Here are the most important things you should consider when you decide to go purchase your next commercial Ford truck or van.

1 – Know the benefits of where you can purchase your commercial vehicles

When you want to go to purchase your commercial vehicle, you will want to ensure you are getting your vehicles from somewhere reputable. Car auctions or a private sale are both great places to get a vehicle for cheap but car auctions and private sales do not provide an official AMVIC mechanical inspection before you buy your truck for your business. An AMVIC mechanical inspection is needed when a dealership buys a vehicle for resale. The advantage that comes with this is that your vehicle has been pre-inspected and all parts of the vehicle that concern your safety are confirmed to be inspected, fixed, and road-ready by a certified and licensed AMVIC technician. These technicians do not mess around. If something is not inspected or not fixed when it needs to be, these technicians could lose their license. They won’t risk their hides to save the dealership a few bucks.

2 – Carfax your commercial vehicles

When it comes to making sure your vehicle has not been compromised by an accident, you will want to run a Carfax on your vehicle. If you obtain a vehicle where a serious enough accident has occurred, the frame could be compromised. A smaller fender bender is nothing to worry about, but a bigger accident could come back around and start causing issues to electrical or the alignment of the vehicle.

3 – Ensure warranties before you buy a commercial vehicle

If you are looking to secure a used commercial vehicle and you are worried about warranties, just make sure the vehicle is newer than 5 years old. Generally speaking, the vehicle you are buying will have a warranty that covers the vehicle for a set amount of years or kilometres. Ensure the warranty still has some time. What is great is that the manufacturer’s warranty from Ford transfers to the new owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is older, you can look at purchasing an extended warranty with Ford’s financing department at the dealership.

4 – Understanding your business needs before you purchase your commercial vehicle

What tech package do you want? The tech packages that come with different trim levels, models, and years can all vary. Do you want apple car play or google play? These will allow you to show your navigation maps, play your Spotify, and other things that other trim models do not. An important thing could also be speakers for your long commutes.

Safety indicators and backup cam could be very important. Some tech packages come with a 3d top view of the entire vehicle… and a backup cam when you back up along with lane change indicators and lane assist. Front safety sensors are great in some vehicles with automatic emergency braking features. Safety is an important part of your job and with the right tech, there are ways to ensure you do everything you can to protect yourself or your employees.

The worst thing that could happen is that you could end up purchasing the wrong vehicle for the needs your business has. Make sure you understand a few things, including finding a vehicle that looks nice. Business impressions are everything to your potential clients. Showing up in a shotty-looking vehicle could imply shotty, low-quality work. Ensure the vehicle is too standard for box space, cab space, and is capable for the terrains you will be driving on.

With so many things to consider, this guide will help you with some of the most important things in your journey to purchasing the best commercial Ford vehicle suited for your business’ preferences and needs.

Happy hunting!