Introducing the 2020 Ford Escape

The All-New Fourth-Gen Escape.  We have been awaiting the reveal of the brand new 2020 Ford Escape model.  Ford Canada have just released the info on the new design which should be available towards the end of 2019. THere is also the hybrid version, due to hit the Canadian roads later in the Spring of 2020.

So What's Changed?

The Escape has been a huge success over the years; a compact SUV, with space, agility and reliability.  It has been Ford's number #2 best seller after the F150 across the country as it has evolved over the years, but the new 2020 model Escape has taken on some new modern features designed and built for style, comfort and most importantly, fun!


The first thing you will notice is the smooth, sleek, head-turning lines of the exterior.  The rear tail lights have a longer chunkier design, and the traditional Escape badge has been redesigned. It now features just above the number plate.


New 2020 Ford Escape - Advantage Ford


The interior of the new 2020 Escape redesign has changed considerably; primarily to house the new technology features that we will talk about shortly. It has adopted the new Ford electronic gear selection dial in the centre console as well as the conveniently accessible mounted touch-screen display. The trunk provides plenty of space with foldable rear seats for those ikea trips! The dash maintains a smooth, sleek appearance. If you crave whole panoramic sunlight in your SUV this can be available with panoramic sunroofs, depending on the trim level that you go for. The 2020 Escape will be available in the S, SE, SEL and Titanium trim level.

2020 Ford Escape Interior
2020 Ford Escape Interior2


The new 2020 Ford Escape will have the Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology option which is a whole suite of driver-assist technologies. This will include the BLIS (Blind Spot Info System) as well as cross-traffic alert, Pre-Collision Assist, Lane-Keep Assist and Auto Emergency Braking, as well as the rear-view camera that we have all grown to love!

The new Escape has also taken on some of Fords other features such as the selectable drive modes which can be set to handle different road surfaces; normal, eco, slippery, sport and deep snow / sand.  Here in Calgary, the deep snow mode will likely be much more utilized than the sand. Maybe this will be an excuse to test your new SUV on a road-trip to a hot, sunny and sandy climate!  With a simple push-button mechanism, this is really easy to change and actually comes as standard on all trim levels.

Ford features such as the FordPass Connect are available.  This option will allow you control your Escape remotely including locking and unlocking, remote start, vehicle location, and connect to wifi hotspots if available.


Head up Display Escape

Safety is and always has been a Ford priority!  It's imperative that we keep our eyes on the road.  We hear about distracted driving incidents all to often.  Ford have thought about this in their refresh and will now offer the head-up display which projects various driver-assist features such as lane-keeping system, incoming calls, navigation and more.

Calgary International Auto & Truck Show - New 2020 Escape Overview | Advantage Ford

Ford gave our Advantage Ford team an in-depth presentation about the all new re-modeled 2020 Ford Escape as it was unveiled at the Calgary Auto Show this year.

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