The All-New Electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

In 2019, the international market for electric vehicles was worth an estimated $162 billion. By 2027, that number is expected to balloon to a staggering $802 billion, according to

Here at Advantage Ford, Calgary we are excited to announce Ford’s new 2022 model line-up. Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and this is perfectly exemplified in the all-new electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. If you’re in need of an electric-powered heavy hauling truck in Calgary, then you’ll want to read on.

Because in this article, we’re going to cover Ford’s latest edition — the all-new, all-electric 2022 F-150 Lightning.

Introducing the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

For 52 consecutive years, Ford’s F-150 model retained its position as the best-selling truck in Canada. During that time, major additions, adjustments, and modifications have been made — all in an attempt to produce a truck with durability, longevity, and sturdiness.

This latest edition is an expansion of the original model.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a more streamlined, electric edition of its original counterpart. Its unique appearance borrows certain markings from the Ford Mustang Mach-E, however, it still retains its distinguishable F-150 characteristics.

Set for release in May 2022, the Ford F-150 Electric Lightning boasts a myriad of features. Some of which include:

  • A 5-passenger capacity
  • 2000lb payload
  • Capacity to tow up to 10,000lbs
  • 563hp
  • 300 miles per charge
  • Standard AWD
  • 14 cu ft of frunk space.

Produced to be the most dynamic and dominant model in the series, this titan can go from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds! Moreover, in addition to the up-to-the-minute electric architectonic design, the Lightning is Ford’s most intelligent and well-connected truck. With its apps, features, and continual updates on its 15” touchscreen, you’ll have access to all that you’ll need 24/7.

Ford F-150 Lightning Features

Manufactured with a plethora of features and benefits, the F-150 Lightning has advanced beyond what was expected. And being the first gas-free edition in the F-150 series is just one of the many features that has been incorporated into Ford’s latest model.

Other features include:

Modern Technology

State-of-the-art technological advances have been included in the latest rendition of the Ford F-150 series. Some of these advancements are:

  • Over-the-air updates for software
  • Simple and easy charging
  • Integration for easy access to truck
  • Ford Charge Station Pro for public charging
  • BluCruise
  • Use your PAAK (Phone as a Key)

All of these technological enhancements will make your life easier and more convenient. And with such a streamlined experience with your vehicle; your time, energy, and focus can be put to other more important concerns.

Sturdy And Durable Build

Ford is known for the durability aspect of its vehicles, and the new 2022 Ford Electric F-150 Lightning is no exception. Designed for both performance and pleasure, the expression “Built Ford Tough” is perfectly personified within this model.

Through rigorous testing, the F-150 Lightning has been through its paces to ensure it meets the proper specifications. As a result, you can feel self-assured that your new F-150 Lightning has both met and exceeded Ford’s lofty standards.

Pro Trailer Hitch Assist

The Hitch Assist system makes hooking up your trailer a breeze. Through control of the steering pinion and braking systems, you can easily line the hitch ball up with the trailer coupler; allowing for an effortless connection between your truck and the trailer. The only thing required of you is to press down on and hold a button while simultaneously managing the gears.

Trailer Reverse Guidance

Used to provide additional help when backing a trailer by increasing the range of vision. This is accomplished by utilizing cameras within the side mirrors in addition to other optic aids located in the screen of the center dashboard. Furthermore, this system will also guide you by providing a transparent view of where the trailer is moving, while it instructs at the same time.

Smart Hitch

Produced to assist with loading trailers and comply with safe towing measures, the Smart Hitch can determine the trailer’s tongue weight. Smart Hitch tabulates the correct tongue weight and offers instructions for handling weight allotment on the screen.

Physical Attributes

A spacious cabin with a high-grade, 15” touchscreen secured to the center of the dashboard makes for a cozy and modern ambiance (the touchscreen is only available with the Platinum and Lariat trims). Additionally, the F-150 Lightning also offers a flip-over console that doubles as a workstation, in addition to reclining front seats that facilitate naps.

The cargo box provides sizable measurements for tools, accessories and other materials. And of course, who could forget the largest and most commanding frunk ever produced? With the ability to open as an exclusive piece, the grille offers an accommodating height covering along with LED lights, and 14 cu ft of space.

The all-new 2022 Electric Ford F-150 Lightning is a juggernaut that is pioneering a novel movement within the industry — electric vehicles. Be on the lookout for its release in May 2022.


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