The New Ford 2022 Bronco: Walkthrough

Here at Advantage Ford Calgary, we are excited to announce Ford’s new 2022 model line-up. If you do not see your vehicle in our new inventory, please reach out to our team for more information.


The 2022 Bronco Ford displays a nostalgic composition in addition to both a polite driving style as well as a rigorous outback handling capability. The utter bandwidth of its capacity is what results in this cross-country behemoth being such a success.

The Bronco is customizable with the presence of a convertible top, two-door, and four-door body styles, as well as detachable doors. Furthermore, the interior offers robust materials as well as a straightforward design that recollects the classic composition of the original Bronco.

All Bronco trims are equipped with AWD along with the discretionary Sasquatch bundle — brawnier tires and other augmentations — assist with making the 2022 Bronco the optimum all-terrain SUV.

Price and Which One to Purchase

The base price for the Bronco is slightly over $30,000. And going for more enhanced and upper-level trims such as the Wildtrack can be as much as $49,000, respectively. A perfect arrangement would have to be a four-door possessing the more robust motor, and it must have the all-terrain hardware as well.

That leads to the Bronco Wildtrack, this model will come standard with the formidable 17” beadlock-able tires and large 35” mud-countryside wheels.

Motor, Performance, and Transmission

The Bronco comes with a standard 300-hp supercharged four-cylinder or a discretionary 330-hp twin-turbo V-6. A 10-speed transmission bolts to both gas motors, however, a seven-speed manual is well-suited with the miniature one. Other impressive options include 35-inch mud-landscape wheels as well as an electric locking rear and front discrepancies.

The Bronco is most impressive with its on-road sophistication. Its steering is accurate and precise, and it’s also armed with the biggest wheels as well as subdued suspension. And still, the Bronco offers much more versatility, it’s competent in conquering truly unforgiving landscapes. The two and four-door trims are also able to pull up to 3500lbs.

Real-World MPG and Fuel Economy

The 2022 Bronco along with its automatic transmission is a thrifty adaptation, with rankings of 20 mpg within the city as well as 22 on the freeway. Jump up to the V-6 style with the Sasquatch bundle that incorporates truculent, humongous tires and the fuel economy dips to 17 mpg both within the city as well as on the freeway.

Comfort, Cargo, and Interior

The Bronco is available in two and four doors, as well as both soft and hardtops. Furthermore, the interior possesses additional remodelling features including:

  • Mount rack for smartphones and GoPros
  • Portable frameless doors
  • Additional space onboard (on the extended-wheelbase models) to house the removable doors

With the outside mirrors mounted on the foundation of the windshield, they remain usable once the doors are removed. Once exposed to storms and adverse weather conditions, the cabin will be safeguarded by the available rubbery flooring and marine-class vinyl padding. For those who desire a better domain, they can opt for leather surfaces for their seats.

Even within the two-door trim, there’s adequate seating in the back to easily accommodate two full-grown adults. Additionally, the four-door variety provides a third, center seat in the back along with additive legroom, but the majority of its additional length is allocated to the cargo space, as it is over 50 percent bigger than its two-door counterpart.

Infotainment and Connectedness

Ford’s newest in-dash Sync 4 software energizes the 8.0- or 12.0-inch monitors that are integrated within the center of the Bronco’s dashboard. The configuration permits over-the-air notifications, alerts, and has the ability to connect to the cloud as well as the user’s smartphone.

Moreover, the infotainment system encourages a plethora of contemporary infotainment benefits that include but are not limited to Apple CarPlay and Wi-Fi hotspot (prescription-based). The vehicle can also be traded in for an upgrade to get a more attractive alternative.

Safety Assistance Features

The Bronco is for purchase with a myriad of technology that aids driver assistance capabilities. Furthermore, it also has tools that make slow-speed rock crawling as well as trail driving much easier. Additional key features include:

  • Available forward-collision alert and automatic braking
  • Available blind-spot watching and rear cross-traffic warning
  • Available lane-departure as well as lane-keeping assist

Maintenance and Warranty

Ford offers an affordable powertrain warranty that matches with the majority of its competitors.

  • A limited warranty that will cover 36,000 miles or three years
  • Powertrain warranty that will cover 60,000 miles or five years

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