How to Set up Your Bluetooth in a Ford Escape

Here at Advantage Ford we can always help you to set up your Bluetooth device. Dan Mathison is here to give you step by step instructions on how to do it.  He will show you how to pair your phone (android or iPhone) as well as import your contacts so that you can speak hands-free as you drive.

Step by Step Instructions on Setting up your Bluetooth in your vehicle on Android or iPhone

Here is the iPhone How to:

  1. On the screen in your vehicle hit “Add Phone”
  2. On your iPhone go to “Settings”
  3. Go in to “Bluetooth” feature
  4. Click on your vehicle e.g. “Ford Escape”
  5. It generates a pin number (ensure that the pin on your phone and screen are the same).
  6. On your phone hit “pair”
  7. On your screen hit “yes” they match.
  8. It will then prompt you to transfer your contacts. Click ok
  9. Press “Finish” on the screen

Now you are good to go!

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