Sync3 and Fordpass Connect—what is SYNC3 © and Fordpass Connect

Managing your vehicle at the palm of your hand just became that much more accessible. 21st app technology will keep connected on the road while still maintaining you and your passenger’s safety. All you have to do is download the app to connect to a world of unlimited remarkable features.

What is FordPass Connect?

FordPass is a remarkable technology that connects you to your vehicle, remotely. The technology allows you to connect and access advanced remote features such as vehicle wifi, vehicle start, climate control, a remote start calendar, vehicle location services and many many more features. Have we sparked your curiosity yet? Keep reading to learn more.

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Need a Wifi hotspot? Your Ford vehicle has it covered.

In many new Ford vehicles as young as 2018, the FordPass connect feature can keep you connected wherever you are. FordPass can create a hotspot for you and up to ten wi-fi devices, so you can stream and stay connected wherever you. Off the grid, no problem, FordPass will keep you connected.

Schedule your remote start

Do you leave work at the same time every day? Or do you want to crawl into a nice cozy vehicle at the end of the working day during the winter? Use Ford’s unique remote start calendar to schedule exactly when you want your vehicle to start. FordPass will start up your engine on the exact days and times you schedule it to start at.

Adjust the climate, wherever you are

You set your schedule, your vehicle kicked on and it is warming up for the drive to work- but you would like to bump the heat up a few degrees, what do you do now? No need to go to your vehicle to change the temperature, you can do it remotely through your FordPass. Whether its snowy or scorcher, your vehicle has you covered and will ensure that your climate is set to exactly what you enjoy.

What is SYNC3 ©

Want to simply keep your hands on the wheel while you search for the perfect song. SYNC3 is smart software, smart hardware and especially smart design, that can do this and so much for you. By using the Ford+Alexa app and linking via SYNC® 3 AppLink®, you’ll have access to all of Ford’s outstanding features. Access Voice Navigation, Traffic Information, over 30,000 Skills, Amazon Prime shopping and even your Smart Home devices, stay connected anytime you’re on the road.