Technology That Ensures Your Safety – Blind Spot Info Systems, Lane Keeping Systems

Over the past few years, we have seen a remarkable advance in automotive technology that provides reinforced security for you and your passengers when you are on the road. Some of these features include blind-spot recognition, lane-keeping, emergency braking, rear-view cameras, and various other technological features. Today, we want to look at two of the safety features exclusive to Ford Vehicles and reveal the details of why we believe Ford vehicles have some of the best safety features on the market. Our goal at Ford is to get you where you want to go safely, and these features will not disappoint.

Ford recently introduced its new technology titled “Ford Co-Pilot360” as a standard feature of drivers assist technologies intended to promote safe driving. The Co-Pilot360 includes features such as emergency braking, Blind-spot Info System with Cross-Traffic Alert (BLIS®), the Lane-Keeping System, and rear back up camera, and makes Ford one of the most advanced automakers on the globe in relation to auto safety. The two most renowned safety features found in our Ford lineups this year are our Blind Spot Information System and Lane-Keeping System.Ford Co-Pilot 360 Safety

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Ford Co-Pilot 360 ™ Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

Does anyone remember learning to drive with their parents and them constantly reminding you to check your blind spot? In the past, blind spots were one of the main causes of motor vehicle accidents, resulting in countless injuries and fatalities worldwide. Due to these unfortunate statistics, manufacturers have been doing extensive research over the past ten years on how to equip vehicles with safety systems that can protect drivers from miss judging their blind spots.


BLIS® is the Ford safety system that alerts drivers when a vehicle has entered its blind spot zone. This system uses both light and sound technology to alert the driver when a vehicle has entered within the proximity of their blind spot sensors to warn the driver that it is not safe to switch lanes or turn. The radar sensors can be found on both sides of the rear bumper fascia on vehicles that are equipped with this feature.

Ford Co-Pilot360™ Lane-Keeping System

Blind Spot Info System (BLIS™) SafetyWe are in a day and age of distraction and while we will always promote staying alert while you drive, we are not ignorant of the fact that things can happen out on the road. Ford’s Lane-Keeping System, is a new system crafted to help drivers stay centred in their driving lane. This feature works to detect unintentional drifting and helps keep the vehicle safely centred in their lane. There are three modes to which the system can react through on the Lane-Keeping System; these include Alert Mode, Aid Mode, and Alert + Aid Mode.

The Alert mode is a simple warning that alerts the driver with a vibration of the steering wheel when unintentional drifting is beginning to occur, whereas Aid Mode will begin to apply steering torque to re-direct the vehicle manually to the center of the lane. The combo system, Alert + Aid Mode, use both the steering torque and steering wheel vibration to alert the driver that they are unsafely drifting.