How to have a tow-tally awesome summer!

Summertime offers an extensive opportunity for fun recreational activities such as camping, hiking and other road trips here in Alberta!
Whether you’re going North, East, South or West, Ford has the best-in-class capabilities for towing and hauling to your favourite destinations this summer.

This month, in celebration of camping season, we wanted to offer our readers some tips and tricks for loading and towing, allowing you to spend less time packing and more time enjoying your trip. Learn how to pack your items with proper weight distribution for easy towing and to minimize trailer sway. Comfort and safety are what is on the agenda if you follow our easy tips.

Tip #1: Why proper loading is so important

The basic rule of thumb when it comes to loading your trailer is to put heavier items in the front and lighter items in the back. Generally, you want about a 60%-40% weight distribution. Too much weight in the back will result in dangerous trailer sway. Keep in mind the weight of your bike rack and bikes when figuring out your weight distribution. Ensure safe travels by securing your items inside and outside the trailer with bungee cords, strap wrenches and tie-downs. You can also use basic items such as zip ties and Velcro to secure items that may slide around in the trailer during travel. Properly securing the items inside your trailer and distributing the weight evenly will protect you and your belongings, guaranteeing smooth travel.

Tip #2: How to balance your load

Start by loading top-heavy items first, securely tie them down from a few different angles to prevent tipping. Next, load the weight evenly within the trailer. You want to aim to have about 60% of the weight in the front of the trailer and 40% of the weight in the back of the trailer. If you feel unsure about the weight and distribution of your trailer you can always stop at a truck stop or the dump to have the trailer weighed, usually for a small fee.

Tip #3: Make a list, check it twice

Before you head out on the road, double and triple check your list of to-dos for safe and efficient travel. This will be unique to your travel experience and the requirements of your trailer, so always have your list on hand. Nonetheless, we have put together a few basic rules of thumb to follow.

  • Ensure that all exterior items are secure and that all the trailer doors are locked
  • Check all of your hook up cords and make sure that they are stored correctly
  • Close all windows and secure outdoor awnings
  • Turn off your water pump and heater, as well as your air-conditioning and furnace
  • Secure your fridge, pantry and cupboard items

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to use your vehicle for additional storage

To help with weight distribution and space store additional items in your vehicle or truck bed.