Trunk Capacity – Ford Edge v Ford Escape

You have decided that you want a good reliable SUV, AWD for the snow, room for the kids and all their equipment. You have narrowed it down to the Ford Escape and the Ford Edge but are not quite sure which one is for you!
This is something that comes up quite a bit here at Advantage Ford. Is there really much difference? We thought that it would be interesting to compare the two vehicles and see if there really is a huge difference. They are both great family SUVs that can come equipped with every extra under the sun; navigation, dual panel moonroofs, dual-zone electronic A/C, heated seats, leather trim, you name it and it’s probably an option! It’s easy to compare these but the trunk capacity – not so easy!

One of our Sales consultants, Dan Stevenson, wanted to compare the two. Check out this quick video comparison to help you decide which SUV, the Edge or the Escape is right for you! So what is your prediction?


It was actually quite surprising. The depth played a big part in the capacity allowance. The boxes had to be laid out differently in each vehicle in order to fit. The only rules were a) we needed to be able to close the trunk and b) we could not go above the headrests so that the driver could use his / her rearview mirror. Both certainly have a capacity much greater than your standard sedan, it’s just a case of deciding which meets your needs. Now, if you are thinking that neither of these will hold enough for you, there is always the Expedition or the Explorer! A video for another day perhaps!
In the meantime, visit us at Advantage Ford on MacLeod Trail south, here in Calgary or check out what we have here ready to go!