Used Vehicle Review: The Ford Escape 2016 – 2019

Ford has long been a trusted brand name. And for good reason; for nearly 120 years, this self-propelling manufacturing giant has garnered international acclaim for its durable and robust vehicles. As one of the first mass-production vehicle companies, Ford has been a pioneer and world leader in the automotive industry for decades.

As such, a Ford vehicle is synonymous with strength and durability – whether it’s a new model or pre-owned. And this concept is not lost on the used Ford Escape. Keep reading to learn more about the Ford Escape in Calgary. 

Brief Overview

The used Ford escape models of 2016 to 2019 remain stellar choices, even today. Each trim is the main candidate in an inventory that is already brimming with exceptional options. As such, the Ford Escape’s compact design coupled with its commanding presence offers both durability and order. 

It’s responsive handling, comfortable seating, and many high-end features make it an easy (and obvious) choice relative to other models. Moreover, the used Ford Escape also provides a quality performance and good fuel economy. 

Now that you have an overarching view of the Ford Escape, let’s dive into a little more detail, beginning with… 


The Ford Escape has a range of performance levels – averaging from the 1.6 engine to the thoroughgoing and high-octane 2.0 turbo. Even in uphill environments, its powerful engine can pull the Escape upward easily with a little additional pressure on the throttle. 


The interior of each model of the Ford Escape offers well-proportioned, bountifully padded seats for maximum comfortability. Furthermore, the materials in addition to the fit and finish are of equal upscale quality, which only adds to the Ford Escape’s already desirable appeal. 


The Ford Escape’s exterior commands the road with a modern yet simple design. Coming in an array of pigmentations – everything from white and ebony, all the way to baby blue and cherry red – the Ford Escape’s shading injects personality and character into each model. 

Final Thoughts  

The used Ford Escape – whether it’s the models originating from 2013 and 2019 or anywhere in between – is a jeep designed to represent freedom and independence. As such, it has become a vehicle of reliance and durability.

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