What are the various benefits of owning a Ford Raptor?

Here today we will be talking about the various benefits and features of the Ford Raptor. There is a lot of hype and talk around this great truck and we are here to satiate your curiosity as to why this truck has become so popular.

Here are some of the essential details to think about when you invest in a Ford Raptor along with the various benefits that come with owning this innovative truck.

Ford F 150 Raptor

Ford F 150 Raptor

How does the Ford Raptor’s foundation hold up?

The Ford Raptor is built on the F-150 frame but solely in the super crew body style. It has a stronger foundation and Ford has added a new 5 link suspension featuring a pan hard rod and 4-inch coil springs. The new setup improves suspension precision and increased wheel travel.

What options does the Ford Raptor have for wheel travel and tire?

The wheel travel in the wheel wells is 14 inches in and 15 inches in at the rear. Each of those drops an inch if you opt in for the 37-inch tires. The standard 36-inch tires are the BF Goodrich K02’s. For traditional off-roading, the 37”s offer increased ground clearance approach and departure angles, plus they look great.

How does the suspension hold up?

The suspension is managed by Fox live valve internal bypass that is electronically controlled, which adjusts their damping rates 500 per second. With 3.1 diameter shock bodies, these are the biggest dampers ever fitted to a production raptor and better manage heat during vigorous off-road adventures.

How does the Ford Raptor sound like?

Well, we are not talking straight pipes kind of sound here but if you pin the engine, you might still disturb some couple’s quiet walks in the park. If quiet is what you are looking for, you will have a pleasant ride in the cab because of the great noise canceling seal. With that said, it will sound like it has some gusto from the outside.

How much can the Ford Raptor tow and what is the torque?

This is Ford’s 3rd generation engine with a 3.5-litre twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6. With what the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCab has under the hood, this vehicle can still handle 8,200 lbs and has 3500 rpm of torque. The Raptor’s torque is routed through a newly designed 10-speed automatic transmission. The Ford Raptor is known for its towing capabilities on the road. This compact truck sure seems to pack a big punch with towing. This means you can feel at ease with your everyday towing needs.

How much fuel consumption is the Ford Raptor?

Because the engine is a V-6 EcoBoost, the fuel savings will be in your favour compared to trucks of the same size, torque power, and towing capacity. This little powerhouse only will cost you 12.4 litres per 100km, which is not much worse than say, a Nissan Rogue 4 cylinder that averages out at 9.4 per 100km. To add, it’s not even close to the size, towing capacity, or towing power of the Ford Raptor.

Some optional features help improve interior quality and handling to look into. There are also many trim levels to choose from for the Raptor but most any direction you go, the Ford Raptor will still come equipped with four-wheel drive and a great tech package that includes a rear-view and 360-degree camera and comes with a heated steering wheel to keep Canadian’s cold fingers happy