What separates the F150 from other trucks?

Ford has built many of the “best in class” trucks over the past few centuries and one particular model that always tends to stand out to buyers is the Ford F-150. The F-150 stands out because it puts function first with a variety of important and outstanding features, even in its standard line of trucks. With state of the art powertrain, safety systems, and standard auto-start and stop systems the Ford F-150 speaks for itself when up against some of its most rivalled competition. This truck is built to work hard and play hard. 

Advantage Ford is lucky to have a large collection of F-150’s in our inventory; you can explore our catalogue virtually online or in person at the dealership. Need help? You can also enjoy the friendly services of our highly knowledgeable staff in person or virtually! So whether you are in the market for the brand new 2021 F-150 or a used F-150, we can help you find your perfect truck! 

The Ford difference: 

1. Built to tow

You heard that right! The Ford F-150 is and always has been, built to tow. With a towing capacity of up to 13, 200 pounds, the F-150 gets you where you need to go. Most F-150 trucks are equipped with features suitable for both industrial/business towing and leisure towing, and these exceptional capabilities will help you transition from weekday to weekend smoothly. 

Speak to our sales team about your towing needs today and have them assist you in finding the right truck with the proper payload for your towing job. 

2. Brooding body 

Did you know that the body of the 2020 Ford F-150 is made from military-grade aluminum alloy? This exclusive truck body material is one of the toughest bodies on the market today. Aluminum alloy is highly dent-resistant and extremely strong. So don’t let the light frame fool you, the body of this truck is built to withstand even the toughest conditions. 

3. State of the art technology 

Are you looking for a truck with smart features? The F-150 offers a variety of tech features across many of its years and models. Ford Connect, 360-degree camera and driver-assist features make your driving experience more convenient and leave you feeling confident on the road. 

4. Customizable box features 

If you are looking for deployable side box steps, LED box lighting, easy-to-stow loading ramps, or remote tailgate controls, look no further. The F-150 truck box can have a variety of stow and tow features added to it’s already existing features.

5. Engine options to suit your needs 

Explore the horsepower and torque options of the V6, V8, and V6 diesel engines that can be found in the Ford F-150 to find the engine that’s right for you! 

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