5 Free Apps All Drivers Need

In a world where distracted driving is being punished (and rightly so!), you might think it odd for us to talk about five cell phone apps we encourage you to download. But these aren’t like most apps out there ― they’re specifically designed to make the most of your car drives and your vehicle itself. From finding you the cheapest gas station nearby to aiding in keeping you focused on the road ahead, here’s our list of recommended free apps.



Save money and time with this nifty little app. Wherever you are in North America, GasBuddy will show you the ten nearest gas stations and their current prices, so you can pick the cheapest place to fill up. The prices are updated by other GasBuddy users and those who post gas prices they come across are entered for a chance to win $100 free gas daily.


Ideal for parents of teen drivers, this app lets you always be in the know. Canary will notify you when your teen is texting, calling, tweeting or anything else on their phone while the car is in motion, as well as alerts you when they’re speeding over your preset maximum limit. Feel more at ease when your child leaves the house thanks to this great app.


Perfect for road trips or even if you’re just in a foreign part of town, AroundMe is the best app to find what you’re looking for. Whether you are looking for a spot to eat, something fun to do, a bank or a hotel (or anything in between), simply search for it and the app will provide you with tons of nearby options.


This app is geared towards helping you track your fuel mileage, which will give you the tools to monitor changes to your driving habits and to the health of your vehicle. Fuelly was designed for users to track, share and compare their vehicle’s fuel consumption and costs, saving you money over time.


A tool to prevent distracted driving, OneTap was actually designed in Calgary. It detects when you’re driving and automatically silences calls, alerts and notifications. Android users also get the added bonus of the app sending out instant replies to calls and text messages, informing the other person that you’re driving. And like Canary, it also has the ability to check in on your kids to ensure they’re driving safely.


Remember: only use these apps when you’re not driving. If you need to use GasBuddy or AroundMe, pull over to park your car first.

Comment below which driving/car app your favourite is and if we missed one, let us know!

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