Ford Service in Calgary

Our Ford services are a superior and first-rate level of automobile assistance. This is evident in both the quality of our services in addition to the myriad of services we offer.

Do you need a specialist to look at your braking system?

We offer Full Brake Service to ensure the effectiveness of your Ford vehicle’s braking system.

Need your vehicle spotless for an upcoming event?

We provide interior and exterior vehicle detailing services that will produce a polished and pristine automobile you’ll barely recognize once we’re done.

What about wheel alignment?

The Advantage Ford service department is equipped with the skills to properly align your tires to strengthen responsiveness and extend the lifespan of your tires for as long as possible.

Other services provided by Advantage Ford include:

  • Full-service suspension

  • Wheel and tire installations

  • Full hand wash service

  • Engine mechanical diagnostic and repair

  • Accessory installations

  • Ford remote starter installs

  • Ford phone app installs

  • Performance equipment installations

  • Oil changes



Getting Your Car Serviced in Calgary

Every vehicle owner understands the necessity of regular maintenance. It’s this kind of care that will ensure your vehicle remains intact for as long as possible, and that’s where Advantage Ford can help. We house a specialized team of experts who are capable and competent in servicing your Ford vehicle.

Come visit us in SE Calgary to take advantage of OEM accessories, skilled staff, and modern amenities. When you get your Ford serviced here, you’ll go out of your way to continue that trend because of the level of professionalism, expertise, and fairness that Advantage Ford has become known for.

Our team of dedicated staff goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Aside from quality service, our specialists, salespeople, mechanics, managers, reps, and every one of the Advantage Ford team members treat each customer with kindness and respect.


What is Ford’s after-sales service?

The Advantage Ford after-sales service is put in place to enhance the customer experience. It includes a myriad of maintenance services like oil changes all the way to big repair jobs.

How Do I Increase Fuel Efficiency?
Ensure that you retain a steady and consistent speed. Also, take care to stay within the parameters of the speed limit. Ideally, drive at or below the speed limit, and when possible, utilize cruise control. Quick accelerations and tense braking can consume inordinate amounts of fuel, so if these actions are not absolutely necessary, avoid them.
Why is My Check Engine Light On?
When a maintenance issue is impacting (or is about to impact) your vehicle, the check engine light will illuminate. So if your light is illuminating, be sure to visit a mechanic who can fix the issue and ensure your vehicle is once again safe for the roads.
How Do I Check the Transmission Fluid?
Warm your engine, leave your vehicle in park as it idles on a flat surface. Retrieve the dipstick, clean it, slowly place it back in, then take it out again. Review the level of fluid (how the fluid rises on the dipstick) relative to the dipstick marks of “low” and “full” or “fill”.
What are the working Hours of the Service Department?
We are open Monday through Friday between 6:30am and 6pm, as well as Saturday 7am to 4pm, and then we are closed on Sundays.
Do you work on Weekends?
The Advantage Ford service department is open Saturdays from 7am to 4pm, and then we are closed on Sundays.
Can I book my car service online?
Yes, simply refer to the top of this service page to book your appointment online.
Do you do the vehicle inspection?
Yes, our team of specialists are hands-on and do all vehicle and maintenance inspections themselves, in-house.
How to install the Ford phone app?
Simply visit the App Store on your smartphone device, select the FordPass app and allow it to download to your phone. You can then open the app to create an account with your own unique username and password. Click on “My Vehicles” located on the menu, then go to “Add Vehicle”. The app will then ask you to provide your VIN.

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At Advantage Ford, our number one priority is you; ensuring that you are happy and satisfied and that your vehicle is fully operational and safe. We will answer any of your questions, ease your concerns, and work tirelessly to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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Hours Of Operation

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