What Do the Lights on My Dashboard Mean? {Part 2}


Have you ever turned on your engine, only to see a brand new icon light up and utter confusion follow closely behind? Our vehicles are complicated and it’s important to know what all those lights and icons mean so you can maintain your car’s health and ensure its safety. Maybe you’re new to driving or perhaps you’re a seasoned driver who just needs a refresher. Either way, our new series “What Do the Lights on My Dash Mean?” will hopefully provide some insight on what all those many confusing icons are and what they mean about your vehicle and driving experience, so you can look out for potential problems!

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These light refers to an adjustable suspension setup. It may illuminate when the suspension is changing heights or even when a vehicle has entered into a sport mode. Most likely though, if illuminated, it refers to a fault with the suspension system.

This is an air bag warning light. In most cars it illuminates when the vehicle first starts up. But if the light remains on, there is an issue with one of the vehicle’s airbags and the car needs to taken to a mechanic immediately.

This is Mercedes-Benz’s attention assist feature. Many other manufacturers have similar setups that are designed to help ensure a driver does not become drowsy behind the wheel.

If this light is illuminated, it refers to a fault with the automatic transmission system. It’s best to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible if this light remains on.

This is the battery light. If the ignition is on but the vehicle is not, the light will remain illuminated to indicate the car is current running all accessories on battery power only. If it remains on while the car is running, it may indicate a fault with the vehicle’s electrical system.

This light indicates that one or more of the vehicle’s exterior brake lights are currently inoperable. Most likely it will just be a burnt out bulb, but it could refer to a larger problem.

This is the brake pad light. It indicates that a vehicle’s brake pads are faulty, damaged or in need of replacement. If this light remains on, take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.

These lights indicate there is an issue with one of the exterior lights, not necessarily a brake light. It could be any one of the parking or indicator lights on the vehicle. They may be burnt out or there may be an electrical fault.

No, this light does not mean the BBQ is warmed up and ready! (Unfortunately.) It refers to a vehicle’s emissions control catalytic converter being faulty and most likely in need of replacement.

This is a fairly self explanatory light. A lot of new vehicles have an oil life monitor built on-board that tracks when exactly it’s time to change the oil. When illuminated, it’s time to head to the mechanic for some new oil.



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This information was shared from AutoGuide’s 2015 article called “What Does That Light on My Dash Mean?”

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